Wednesday, February 6, 2008

About me

I'm a designer by nature and nurture... I grew up in a family of artists, from ceramists to fashion designers, poets to decorators and furniture designers, so it was very easy for me to run around finding things to be creative with. Being an industrial designer, I crave to create with unusual and everyday things, investing time and mind into what later becomes an earring or a necklace, so almost everything I make, I rarely want to sell or give away :). I am self-taught in almost everything that has to do with jewelry and the like, although the help of my design classes was important to develop different techniques. Now I'm done with my second degree, interior design, and I'm happy to let you all know that I took my first jewelry design and metalsmithing course and it has broadened my design horizons.

Each of the items I make are designed uniquely every time. Surroundings are always taken into consideration, as we continuously try to use daily things I observe as inspiration. Also, each part of your accessory has been carefully chosen, selecting only supplies that I would use on my own designs... It's hard not to drool over the display tables at stores! Occasionally, pieces of vintage jewelry may be used to give each piece that unique flair that we all love.

In this blog I'll try to write about anything that comes to mind, whether it's an inspiration, a dedication or being featured by someone, I will share!

P.S. Want to know even more about me? Check out the interview made by Allover Art! I was also a featured "Curator Buys:" at Etsy Stalker's blog.

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