Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Treasures - The flu

Lately influenza and swine flu are the most common subjects in a conversation with anyone, from the drive thru lady at McDonalds to my mom. So, for this feature, the flu, a cold and anything that has to do with getting the sniffles is the subject of the day!

A nice, warm drink, like this Cold Relief tea blend ($5), is a great choice for those days you feel under the weather. This little tin has enough to make 25 cups of tea! Blended by Wildroot Botanicals.

Instead of sending a get well card, this little kit ($12) is great for making your sniffling friends feel better. Handcrafted and specially packaged by picnicbasketcrafts.

If the problem is congestion - like in my case! - a Gentle Chest Rub ($9) is your best pick. Aromatherapy in a tin by HeatherScent.

And when you start feeling a tad better and want to go out, sport your tissues in this fashion pouch ($5). Sewn by hand at BauerDesigns.

This gocco limited edition print ($14) describes the world right now! No, not everyone has the swine flu people. Colorful and fun, drawn by almapottery.

It's nice to find new and exciting shops every Thursday for my Thursday Treasures. I just wish I had picked this search term last week!!!! Come back next week for the next one!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu... ?

I have been away from everything the past week. First, because I had a wonderful weekend in Tampa and Clearwater - we went for my hubby's childhood friend's wedding (she was his "wife" when they were 4!). On Sunday, we went to the wonderful Florida Aquarium. I had been there before but in two years, I had forgotten about most of it. John really had a blast and jumped around like a kid (so did I), it was awesome! Here are some pics to prove it - check out the size of that grouper, 7 feet!

And after, somehow, I caught a flu - I'm still 100% sure it's not the swine flu - that has had me in bed and away from computers for the past 3 days. Continuous headaches, congestion, back aches; you name it, I have it. I'm getting better but I can't seem to be doing anything without losing my breath or sweating. Oh well. It was bound to happen, I haven't gotten sick since I moved to the US! I'm out for now, I'll be posting tomorrow's Thursday Treasures, don't miss it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Earth

As a late honor to Earth day, which is celebrated on April 22nd, this Thursday Treasures post will be exactly about that subject - Earth! Mind you all that it is the place we all live and we should always take care of it.

To start it off, why not save the trees by purchasing one of these handy coffee sleeves ($5) and taking it with you wherever you go? These are made by savvystitcher and come in many different fabrics!

And with those extra sleeves, breedingfancy upcycles them and creates these cool little notepads ($4.50)!

To take along that snack of the day, forget the Ziplocs! Try out these fashionable - reusable! - SnackSleeves ($6). Handmade by agreensleeve.

And to make sure you remember just how pretty it is, why not put some artwork ($8) on the walls? This frameless print is by stubborndog.

Or if you want to hold the world in your hands, this felt miniature ($ 40) might be your best deal! Made to order by cozycottagecreations.

I also went last night to the premiere of DisneyNature Earth, and Disney planted a tree on my behalf! Totally recommend it to everyone, beautiful views, gorgeous animals!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Job searching

I have abandoned the blog - and my Etsy shop - a lot lately. I finally can search for a job, I changed my name legally in every single place (social security, DMV, banks, etc) so that I don't have to be running with that once I get a job.

So, getting a job is a pain in the ass. They didn't teach us this in college (thanks teachers!). I've kept busy by typing up my resume, writing separate cover letters for each of the job applications, who would've thought you needed to do that!!!???? And the fact that I have two, yes two, degrees, doesn't make it that much easier to find a job. So, anyone in the Miami area that reads this and knows of someone who is hiring in either Interior Design or Industrial/Product Design, please contact me!

On the brighter side, I renewed four items on my Etsy shop today. Oldies but goodies! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Treasures - I'm late!

Between the trip, unpacking, getting stuff together back at home, etc, I can only say one thing: I'm late to post my Thursday Treasures of the week! So, the theme I picked was ::ta-da!:: being late! These were still picked with a lot of patience and love. Please enjoy!

I bet I'm not alone when I'm late to say Happy Birthday to a friend... This card ($4.50) by NeatThings will say what you feel, with a little spark added on to it!

For days like today, when I'm fashionably late, a steampunk pocket watch ($49.99) would have come handy. Sold by tempusfugit.

Talk about a belt ($25) to make a statement when you're late for work! Just don't wear it to the interview. Sold by vintageinretrospect.

Wear the time on your ears with these Alice in Wonderland inspired earrings ($14). I kind of need to wear it on my wrist to make sure I'm not late! These and more at busterandboo.

This wrap around wristlet ($44) describes exactly what I thought this morning: It's never too late to write what could have been written! Handstamped and sold by corinegrant.

Sorry for the late post, hope you enjoyed and discovered new and awesome Etsy artists!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's finally over!

Lent that is :)

After sunbathing this morning, I went online to investigate more about the Lent season. To my surprise, for us Roman Catholics, Lent is over tonight!!! I have succesfully passed 40 days and 40 nights free of any kind of chocolate, sweets, desserts, etc. And, best of all, I'm still alive.

Tonight I'm enjoying one of my city's (Cali, Colombia) typical delicacies: Cholado. It is something that seems simple, as it is shaved ice with food coloring and condensed milk, but for some reason these people seem to make it wonderful. Just look at this beauty...

I could just print this picture out and eat it right now!!!

Thursday Treasures - Easter!

In honor of the celebration of Easter, this weeks Thursday Treasures will feature a lot of easter and a lot of bunnies! Back in the day, when Easter Sunday came around, we would go to one of my mom's cousins house. They would have a LOT of chocolate eggs hidden anywhere, a kids delight! I really can't remember much after eating all the eggs that I'd found. Talk about all your eggs in one basket - err, belly.

Starting off with Mr. Easter Bunny himself! This cuddly plush toy ($15) can be made in many different colors, making it possible to have your favorite one! Sewn by BlissForest.

Invite your friends over to a very special Easter egg hunt with these pretty invitations ($4.50). They're blank on the inside, so you can write all you want! Sold by tracychong.

You don't need to hide eggs only. Hide some cookies! These tasty cookies, ($19.95 for a dozen) in colorful spring colors, are baked to order by CakeboxCookies.

Get into a spring mood by sporting bunnies in your ears! These earrings ($8) are the last pair available, so you better hop on to TinyStorm's Etsy shop.

Don't forget to feed the bunny! Carrot's in soap ($5.50), who would've known? This soap is inlayed, which means you'll have carrots til the last suds. Made and sold by sunbasilgarden.

My question has always been: why bunnies with eggs? Enjoy your Easter weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

No cable = no pics until I get back

Yup, just like you just read. I forgot my camera transfer cable and cannot get my pics out of the camera. My computer is picky and will refuse to accept the xD card, it only wants to format it, weird PC personality if I may say so. And I thought that my mom had kept my extra cable safe (along with my other belongings) only to find that there is no such cable anymore and that my beloved stash of 4 years of Seventeen magazines is gone ::tears:: 

Just imagine this: Lots of food, suntanning, birds chirping at 5:00 pm while the breeze is blowing, family dinners. The only thing missing is desserts. Oh, how I long for Sunday to come and, with it, the end of Lent! I will still be in Colombia for a whole week, yay!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last post before leaving!

My plane is waiting but I wanted to share these earrings:

The fun thing about them is that you can choose to wear them as they come, looking like cherries (or little apples!); you can wear them as berries, using only the red bead; or wear them as leaves, using the green pressed glass leaf. So versatile, they work with many different outfits!

There are many more earrings (and some bracelet and necklaces!) at my Etsy store. Have you visited today?

Thursday Treasures - Travel!

For this weeks Thursday Treasures I have chosen a subject that hits a home-run in my activities for the day - I'm traveling to Colombia later on today! I will be spending a week there with my family, which is definitely going to be nice as everyone is on vacation for a week. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a vacation in most Latin American countries - a whole week!

This is a must-have for your traveling needs: A bag that only you will have! This upcycled vintage suitcase ($59.95) will surely not be taken by "accident". Restored and sold by GetReadySetGO.

Whenever you go on a trip, make sure you take something to write on, like this illustrated pocket-sized moleskin journal ($10). It will be great to keep your adventures on paper! Drawn and sold by teaforbini.

Sending postcards to your friends and family from your traveling adventures is a good idea, but sending an airplane pop-up card ($4.50) is a GREAT idea. Proudly made in Singapore by galinblack.

And whatever you do, DON'T forget your passport! I bet this Passport ring ($6.50) will definitely be a good reminder. Handmade by atomicdog5.

If you can't afford a trip, daydreaming is always free! Sport a Cloud 9 headband ($78) and your imagination will take you further than any plane has before. Handmade in brass by yellowgoat.

That's it for this week's edition of Thursday Treasures! I hope you enjoyed it, next time it will be written all the way from Colombia, South America!