Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Home Accessories

Wow, a week zipped by and I barely noticed! Basically I have been counting down to the start of the holiday madness: Thanksgiving! This year I'm trying out my mom's classic cheesecake - which is usually strawberry - with a blueberry twist. Hopefully it turns out good! For this week 's Thursday Treasures I've chosen the Home Accessories category, in honor to the gathering of families at home during the holiday season.

Spring Bird Napkin Rings (Eggnog) - set of 2
$32 at Greenbriar

Branch Design Cup - Set of four
$52 at soule

Donut Felt Trivets - Set of 2
$30 at moufelt

Mini White Porcelain Vase - Winter Edition
$12 at RouDesigns

Red Poppy Flower Art Deco Mural - Set of 2 decals
$27.95 at Charming925

Moss Terrarium No. 17
$24 at madebymavis

Honeycomb Modern Wall Clock
$59 at pilotdesign

Fused glass platter with glass cane accents
$130 by kristysly

Poppy Flower and Polka Dots Recycled Rack
$32 by BululuStudio

Tied up pillow case in dark chocolate, beige and leaf green -16 inch
$39 at rukkola

Don't forget to nominate your favorites for next week in the comments below! Next week's topic will be: Manly Gifts

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