Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Paper Goods

The countdown has started, in five weeks it's Christmas! For this weeks edition of Thursday Treasures I have chosen the Paper Goods category: Items to pack with, to mark, to include in your gifts, to send, to keep track.

Best Christmas Ever Mini Note Cards - Set of 5
$6 at whimsypics

Christmas Tags - I felt your presence - Set of 6
$6.50 at ableandgame

Bookmark Calendar 2010
$12 at kifli

6 x 8 Book with Yellow Green Diamonds
$45 at windyweatherbindery

2010 Mini Print-Ready Calendar
$5 at littleTstudio

Holiday Cards - 4 designs to choose from
$32 at khamm75

2010 Giclee Calendar
$30 by joojoo

Modern Drink Markers - Carnival pack
$8 at thiswineismine

New Years Firecrackers card
$3.50 at SleepUnderStars

Unique, funny thank you card
$4.50 at NeatThings

Don't forget to nominate your favorites for next week in the comments below! Next week's topic will be: Home Accessories

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  1. Lovely picks! I love those birdie Chrsitmas cards!

    Thanks a lot Maria for featuring my work!

  2. great picks, thanks for posting!