Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Toys

Don't forget the little ones - or the little-big ones. I love toys, and I think I always will. These are just brief examples of everything you can get on Etsy. Remember, handmade is the way to go!

Wee Matryoshka dolls - set of 2
$18 at Littleredcaboose

First tool set (baby rattles)
$36 at fede

Owl in black
$20 at vivikas

2 eggs sunny side up - play food
$6 at CricketandBear

Flippity Dippity Frog Plush
$15 at Handmade3D

Jumbo Crayon Soap set
$11.50 at carvelcountrysoaps

Soft Baby Toy Jumble ball
$18 at woodponddesigns

Natural Wooden Toy Sports Car - box of 12
$32 at countrysidegiftsllc

Rice Mice in shades of blue - set of 3
$12 at worksofwhimsy

Green with Rainbow stripes fuzzy Octopod
$18 at OopisNein

Don't forget to nominate your favorites for next week in the comments below! Next week's topic will be: Girly gifts

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