Friday, October 2, 2009

♪ I guess you'd say ♪♫ what can make me feel this way ♪

I think all the heat in Miami these days has triggered my love for sunshine. Lately even more because it's been rainy! I come from a city where the sun shines and afternoons are breezy and cool (Cali, Colombia). After that, I lived in a city that was 2600 meters closer to the stars (Bogota, Colombia), which was cold and dry. And after that, I moved to Sunny (aka hot and humid) South Florida, which makes me appreciate the sunshine everyday - I really can't stand too many cold days!

The lyrics to "My Girl" are the ones that inspired me to create the bracelet-earring set (sold separately at my Etsy shop).

I've got Sunshine bracelet $21

So Much Honey $9

I decided to do a promo when I make sets of items. When you buy them together, you get FREE shipping to US (or $1.99 off shipping to other countries, to make it fair to all). I will give you a refund to your PayPal account, Google Checkout account or credit card when I see sets in your orders! This offer is ONLY valid when purchasing both items at the same time! The neat thing is you can add some more items and take advantage of the free shipping. How 'bout that!

Hope you all have a great, relaxing weekend!

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