Friday, January 9, 2009

Google Analytics

I don't know if you guys are on Twitter, if you are add me :)
And if you're not, you probably missed out on some important info Etsy has for us there!

We are now approved for Google Analytics, which means we can see how many people go to your Etsy shop, where from, the percentage difference in between sites (if you have more than one, Google Analytics also works on ArtFire and Blogger). The link to the post by Etsy Admin is here and the site for Google Analytics is here.

Make the best out of this feature, I certainly am trying!

P.S. I found this post by TopShelfTotes on Google Analytics and analizing statistics on your site. You can view it here.


  1. Turns out: You don't have to wait 24 hours, once you install the UA code in Etsy, wait a few hours, then go to Google Analytics, and then click the date from 12/8/2009-1/8/2009 to today's date, e.g. 1/9/2009-1/9/2009. Then you will get the data!!!

  2. oh good 6060! I was waiting until tomorrow!!!