Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Business Cards!

I finally got around to sit down to design my business cards/jewelry cards. Talk about procrastinating! Well, I went everywhere: Moo, VistaPrint, Overnightprints, etc. Not to say they offer bad or ugly stuff, it's just that nothing, NOTHING they offered captivated me, for some weird reason. Yeah, free business cards sound like a great deal, but the designs are kind of blah and not emotionally intense enough for me. And yeah, double sided mini cards sound like fun, but price-wise, not so much fun. And sure, I would love cheap designer cards, but still, no pizazz. So, what does that leave me with? Sitting down and deciding what to do myself. Thank God for Adobe Illustrator :)
I started by extracting a piece of my banner that caught my eye the most, and that would be the little bird floating around in the orange area...

After adding some text, tiling a bunch of cards and deciding what size of paper I'm going to print on (11x17 #234 Bleedproof acid-free paper in 108 lbs), here's a screenshot of what I ended up with. I discovered that using a snap grid helped me a lot with tiling and making sure there was space in between the cards for cutting them.

Now, my printer comes in! Here is the printed result. Almost the same as the screen shot (always remember, screen colors are hardly ever true colors!).



Using my handy new hole punch tool (1/16" perforations)...

And voila! Home made business/jewelry cards.

Now head on over to Drop Of Sunshine's Etsy Shop and go shopping! There might be a little surprise in every package!


  1. Thanks for sharing on how you made the business cards. They look Great! Nice Blog.


  2. I like your new business cards, drop. I don't have adobe illustrator, so will have to find another way, but you'rs turned out great. Congratulations.

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