Monday, January 19, 2009

Orion + a harness = bad idea

Today we bought our cat, Orion, a harness. Mind you he was a church cat so getting a regular collar for his name was a miracle (he would rip it off daily, thankfully we bought a brand called SafeCat which doesn't choke him). He feels pretty safe at home, but, for obvious reasons (that, and a cat that chills in our backyard every day), he feels like every time we open the door to leave or come in, he needs to go investigate what's on the other side.

At first, he would only walk a few steps into the grass, but now he feels adventurous and runs out to the middle of the yard and just lays there. My husband and I got scared that he would run off, so we gave in and bought our first cat harness to use with a leash.

Trying to put it on, Orion realized this was no game and that it was another annoying strap around his neck and belly, so he tried to pry himself away from my grip (without using his claws, he's pretty good at not clawing us). He was unsuccessful: We got it on! I gave him a bunch of treats for being a good boy and let him down... only to see him walk a few steps and tumble on his side... and just lay there. Didn't move and he just stared at both of us, mainly me because I was holding him so that made me responsible. I thought we had choked him so I released the grip of the harness a bit. He was breathing fine but hating life at this point.

Next, it was time to try out the harness with a leash. We hooked on a leash and opened the door. He didn't flinch. No intentions whatsoever to move towards the mysterious outside world. I used my last resource, a laser, and pointed it. He bolted out the door (obviously, that is his favorite toy) and followed the laser around for a bit. Then he stopped, shrugged a bit and in 5 seconds he was out of the harness. How? We still have no idea. We are going to keep trying because he is becoming a fat indoor cat and this seems like the only choice of exercise for now. Harness was back on a few minutes later, with Orion purring and meowing and twirling around trying not to let me put it on.

Believe me, it has been so funny to see him just hate it and act like a punished 3 year old... but it will be even more hilarious to see my husband walking Orion around the neighborhood!

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