Monday, February 2, 2009

February Color Trend

February is here and with it comes a new birthstone: Amethyst.
Image by: Feng Shui Fusion.

I've always loved amethyst because of it's varieties in tones. It can have a it's lavender tone mixed in with little white, a little bit of clear stone, a mix of both or none at all. It has been known as a stone used when seeking abundance and prosperity. Amethyst is also used for meditation and when you need help in seeking a path.

This stone mixes in perfectly with one of the colors of the Spring 2009 Fashion Color trend: Lavender.

Image by: Healthcare Vision.

The color, inspired by the lavender flower, has been always considered a feminine color, as it's a soothing mix between light blue and pink. It can be mixed with dark colors, such as brown or dark green, or simply combined with a darker or lighter shade of the same. Add some green or light blue to it, and you have a spring color that can be used in clothing, accessories or decoration. Lavender is girly yet mature, sexy in many ways and sometimes reminds us of summer sunsets - who doesn't love it when the sky has purplish hues?

To honor this month and the fashion forecast, I made these earrings, following the color and the girlish characteristics of lavender. They are made with sterling silver and lavender buttercup flowers. You can purchase them here. There is only one pair available!

This is only one of the many colors chosen ahead for spring collections, I will be writing about more as they come into my designs.

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