Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The reason I was so emotional yesterday...

After sending my package out last night and going out to dinner (breakfast for dinner at IHOP is the greatest thing), I got home and checked my email. There was an message from my first customer replying to my Thank You note. I would like to share it with everyone because it really touched me. I'm extremely grateful that my jewelry is touching someone else's heart:

" Maria,

I actually think I found you indirectly from Jacki Donaldson's blog @ cancerspot.org as she often refers readers to other websites/blogs. Well some of those blogs leave the "next blog" button available and I think that is how I actually found you. The reason I think this is because I have your blog saved in my favorites instead of your Etsy Shop link. I guess it is just coincidence that we met!! But I am very glad we did.

Since you responded with such excitement, let me tell you a little bit more why I am so interested in your pieces. First, green is my favorite color so I just had to have the bracelet. Second, I will be 48 on the 24th (24+24=48!) of this month so lavender signifies my birth month. Third, I will be a 3 year breast cancer survivor on my birthday. So when I saw the one-of-a-kind lavender buttercup drop earrings with 3 flowers during my visit to your site last evening I just knew that I had to have them. If they arrive in time, I will wear them on that day to help me celebrate 3 years of survivorship! I bet you never thought your jewelry would do something that amazing!!! I had been browsing your blog/shop for a few weeks but these earrings made me a buyer. I think before then I just couldn't choose!!

It gives me a smile to be "your first sale!" I work with many women who love jewelry so please send a few business cards and I will pass them out. Of course, we will all be fighting over your unique jewelry.

I look very forward to receiving your package and just love that you are putting so much effort into it to make it special. That will serve you well and tells me how much you love what you do!

To life and sharing a piece of your heart!

As you can imagine, I cried tears of joy. I tried reading this to my husband only to stop mid-sentence because I was smiling but crying at the same time. This was a very thoughtful email where she shared so much about her, and that means a lot to me. Thankfully, she let me post this here, to share with all of you. This is one reason I love Etsy, I love blogging and I love jewelry. You never know whose heart you're going to touch. Thanks for that email D!


  1. what a beautiful story... thank you so much for sharing! that makes the first sale all the more meaningful.

  2. Good for you Feels great to have that kind of response to your work. Look forward to seeing you out there in the jewelry world. . . .Di

  3. That is a great story. That's wonderful that your jewelry meant so much to someone else and made her day, too.