Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I won a thread killer!!!

So, what is a thread killer you might ask... Well, on Etsy, there is a page where the community meets, called the forums. There, fellow Etsians (another way to call the members of this community) unite to praise, ask, complain, promote, and such, about Etsy. Each post on the forum is called a thread, and he or she who is the last post on a thread is the so-called "thread killer". There are many other great features to investigate on Etsy but apparently the forums is where everyone gathers to vent :)

Well, I usually am one constant thread killer - too many threads around to post on - but this last time was a glorious one, as by killing the thread with the 10000 (yes, that is ten thousandth) post, I became a winner of a wonderful Steampunk ring from Catherinette Rings!

It came beautifully packaged in it's own shiny padded giftbox and it was a delight to try it on as it slid perfectly on my finger. It is so intricate, it is amazing to think how they were able to accomplish that composition of wire and bead. And, to top it off, they make custom orders to size, so if you want a ring that is not in your size, you only have to wait a couple of days more! Mine was here in 3 weeks, but considering it ships from Canada and I'm in Miami, that is excellent timing. Anyway, I just wanted to share this and give you all a nice shop to go peek in! (Other than mine, of course!)

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  1. WOW!! Lucky you! I was beginning to wonder if they just never ended. Great prize!!