Monday, September 28, 2009

Earth and Blood

That post title sounds like the name of a horror movie :)

Here's my latest Etsy shop update!

These are Blood, Sweat: in Tears, the hoop earrings. They come as a pair and ship for free if bought with something else. And they're only $7! Can be packaged individually as two gifts or two stocking stuffers (start your Christmas shopping now! And from home!)

And this is Mar y Tierra, the necklace. This name was given because of the wonderful mix of colors that the Chrysocolla stone has. It looks like a flat version of our Mother Earth. This one is $27.

The stocking stuffer idea was given to me by one of the blogs I follow. I thought it was great and very doable when it comes to small earrings. Any girl will love getting "grown up" earrings inside her stocking! (And why not, your neighbor or coworker will love them too). Click here for the complete checklist made by Linda at IndieCEO.


  1. I love the shade of red in the earrings.

  2. Simple yet chic. Red earrings look great :)