Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Kites!

And we’re back with a new look at my very own Etsy’s Thursday Treasures! After a 3-month hiatus from the Etsy searches – and from anything related to Etsy - I have decided to bring back these treasures to my blog. Today’s theme is kites. Back home, when I was a kid (ok, I’ll admit it, when I was older as well), we used to fly kites at the end of August.The traditional shape was my favorite, a diamond shape, but it was the hardest to fly of them all. Thank God my dad never got tired of running... trying to make it soar in the air :)

First of the series is this "quilt" ($150), made by EmmeliWorks. It's not exactly a quilt to use, as it is made to hang! This is a new outlook on artpieces, it is wonderful.

This limited edition 11 x 17 print ($25) was made by the author to compliment an original children's book she's working on as well. It shows exactly what I remember as a kid! It was created by Juliannabright.

Kites for a kitty! These catnip toys ($2 each) are perfect for kitties that love to drag their toys around the house (like my cat!). These are sewn by kgrantdesigns and can be made in the color you like the most.

On those non-windy months, you can also take a kite with you with this cute pocket mirror ($4 - on sale). The graphic is an original SickOnSin design. There are many more to choose from!

Last but not least, this beautiful photograph of a Monarch kite in flight ($12 - print only). It was taken on the Pacific Northwest Coast by BunkFossStudio. Gorgeous!

I need ideas of what you would like to see on Thursday Treasures... let me know!

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