Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Personal Training update

I should have started this with a post on 8/26/09 about personal training.... but I never thought I would be successful at it!

Anyway, long story short, on August 26th I started a program with a personal trainer. Little did I know at my new part-time job, the gym and their trainers are available... for FREE (who doesn't love that four letter word?). Well, since then, I've been attending at least twice a week, and trying to go on the other days to my other gym - one I had paid for.

My commitment was to follow her instructions as well as to modify my eating habits. Mainly, stop eating junk food and chocolates. The junk food part was taken care of by watching the movie Super Size Me. Believe me, you watch that and you will stay far, far away from McDonalds at least. I have been doing my best to eat salad at least once a day, having breakfast every day and consuming more fish than ever.

Today was roughly 3 weeks since I started and I was surprised when I weighed myself at the gym and noticed I had GAINED one pound! Freaked out for a second, then my personal trainer (how cool does that sound) measured my muscle and fat percentage with this nifty machine they have at the gym. To my surprise, I had converted 10 pounds of fat into muscle, making my body fat percentage lower a whooping 6%! I feel so proud of my efforts. This goes to show you that it really does help to work out and eat a bit healthier... I still sneak my chocolates here and there :)

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