Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick question...

Can anyone give me advice on a sewing machine that is affordable? I went to JoAnn fabrics today but since Viking has authority on the sewing machines there, they only offer Viking and Singer. No Brother, no Kenmore, no other options... Do you own a sewing machine? Can you recommend it? I am someone that has never taken lessons or never used one before, but I have TONS of ideas that involve stitching and I don't want to do it by hand. Yeah, I'm lazy, but I also want my efforts to last longer than a couple of uses :)

If you do know something, please leave a comment. It will be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I'm in the same boat as you! I use my mom's 1950s singer. It was the top of their line 55 years ago (whoopee! lol) and did embroidery and special stitches but I have trouble moving the ancient cams to do it all and so am mostly confined to straight stitching now. I've been shopping around myself and have yet to find something I like. Viking is a good name, but so is Pfaff (but they're REALLY pricey). If anyone gives you some great ideas on a reasonably priced model that is really reliable, let the world know, okay?? Thanks and good luck!


  2. Saw you on etsy this morning! I have been sewing for yeaaars. Needed a new machine when I started my business, so my husband suprized me with an expensive singer that did everything- except sew on thick fabrics, it broke within 2 months!! My sister-inlaw sews leather and recommended this:Euro-Pro (Shark) #801/801x $119.00. I was skeptical, never heard of it. It is a DREAM. Has metal gears, instead of plastic, sews everything, has just enough decorative stitches. My singer is still sitting idle! It was ordered thru FingerHut all I have is a phone # 800-208-2500 in St.Cloud,MN. I think euro-pro has a website also. Hope this helps. email if more info is needed. Good luck!

  3. I found the website: model#801B is the one I have.

  4. Victoria - as soon as I get one, I will post pics!!!

    debi - Thank you so much for the info! I'm going to look into that brand, I've never heard of it but I base myself on experience (others experience in this case) rather than brand.