Friday, March 27, 2009

Being greener

As my grain of sand towards a greener world, we have changed 80% of our household light bulbs for CFL light bulbs, or compact fluorescent. Yeah, up front they can be a big expense, but saving money in bulb replacement and power bills makes it worthy.

I just received an email stating how bad CFL light bulbs are for your health, as Rep. Ted Poe stated in Congress. Sure, these light bulbs contain a drop of mercury in them, making them a hazard when broken. Also, they have to be taken to recycling centers for disposal (I really don't understand what is so wrong with this point, as this is better for the planet). Unfortunately, his speech only shows one side of the coin. My opinion is that as with any light bulb, CFL's should be handled with care, in order not to break them. Also, they should be disposed of conciously in order to not pollute any more. Even if you're not recycling, you should put a bulb in a sturdy container so that the people that handle garbage at recycling centers or dumps don't get accidentally cut - this goes for anything that is breakable. And, Mr. Poe, make sure you read if you ever have a question on reliability of information.

On a better note, I found this funny, informative video on the consequences of incandescent (regular) light bulbs and how CFL's can counteract a lot when it comes to Global warming. If you have the funds and the chance, make the change and make your house greener!

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