Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Colombia!

Well, I decided that I need to share the fabulous things I find on Etsy, as I go around searching for random stuff (I always need/want something haha). Why Thursday you might ask. Mainly I chose it because most people have time to shop online on the weekends, Friday is too on top of the weekend, so Thursdays leaves a moment for the items to "sink in", that way you can make a choice that is not on impulse (although I have to say I have no problem with impulse buyers!) So, for that matter, I'll make it a series. I'll choose some random thing to search for and pick 5 items from the wonderful Esty universe - you really can't begin to imagine how much creativity is spilled online by the minute. If you think there is something I might like, or a store that may catch my attention (new or old - doesn't matter), please leave a comment below and I will consider it for my upcoming Thursdays. It might even spark the next theme I choose!

Here goes my first try at my Thursday Treasures!

My search term for this edition of Thursday Treasures was Colombia. It's a beautiful place, I wish it didn't have such bad reputation, so far everyone that I know that has gone loves it. Follow the link for some extra information on this wonderful country.

This necklace ($65) by TiaLynnArt touched my heart as all proceeds from the sale of this beautiful piece will benefit Pequenos Intelectuales in Bogota, Colombia, a city where I spent my college years.

Many artists are inspired by the cities of Colombia, as they are very picturesque. For example, this painting print ($18) by Duarte, is inspired in the architecture of the capital city, Bogota.

If you want to walk around town and be noticed, these "caƱa flecha" purses ($35.99) will surely turn heads around. The way these are made tell stories from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, and no two purses will ever be alike. These are sold by Agschic.

And if you look at this, you will be amazed by the intricate work that Colombians have achieved in silver. This bracelet ($721.50) is made entirely of pure silver thread formed into miniature filigree flowers. And, as the purses above, no two items are alike as they are entirely handcrafted. These, and more filigree beauties, are sold by GalerieUrbana.

And if you want to know what Colombia is all about, why not start of your day with a freshly ground roast of Colombian coffee (it's not claimed to be the best blend in the world for nothing). This dark roast Colombia Supremo ($12/lb) is the pride of Colombia, a smooth medium bodied coffee with good flavor, and is sold by TheRoaster.

Watch out for next weeks edition of Thursday Treasures!

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  1. The kids at the school will be so excited to see their "star" on your blog! Muchas Gracias! tia