Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Chocolate!

Thursday Treasures is at it again. This week, according to this page is the observance of Chocolate week! If you remember my post last month, I quit chocolate for Lent (actually, it upgraded to quitting all desserts, but that's another story). There are many websites that have theories on the origin and uses of chocolate, but I found this page that covers most of the history of Chocolate.

Try not to eat most of this week's features... only one is edible!

These Earl Grey sandwich cookies ($9 for 12) look sooo yummy I couldn't pass by them and not drool. Hand cut and sold by WhimsyAndSpice.

Chocolate and mint might be my favorite combination EVER. Chapstick, chocolate, milkshakes, you name it. This sweet organic bodybar ($6) is sold by Oliba.

In my case, I can't eat chocolate now, but it doesn't mean I can't wear it! Delicious chocolatey hoops ($16) that are very light on your ears, handcrafted by Michvanetta.

Decorate your living room with a drop of chocolate to spice it up. These beautiful mismatching cushions ($50) are made from 100% eco-friendly felt and come in a set of two. Makes you want to hug them! Sold by Modernality.

And to end it off with a classic, this chocolate clutch ($85) is so nice it will make a pair of jeans look elegant! Handmade in silk and sold by Davie&Chiyo.

I almost broke down, but I'm still chocolate-free (desserts too) since February 26th. It's a hard promise to keep! Keep coming back for more Etsy treasures every Thursday!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my pillows! Um, I really want chocolate now..... Especially those cookies!

  2. I love chocolate and I think I can't quit eating it.

  3. I'm flattered - thankyou so much for the feature!

    Hmmmm, do I have chocolate in the house? Those gorgeous chocolate mint body bars are making me hungry :)

  4. yummy love chocolate biscuits! the earrings are adorable - Michvanetta is very talented!

  5. Mmhh, Lovely items, soo pretty!! Love those pillows!

    And Mich is Awesome!!:)

  6. Chocolate is my favorite flavor!!! and color... Those cookies make hungry for chocolate, jeje. Lovely collection!