Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Job searching

I have abandoned the blog - and my Etsy shop - a lot lately. I finally can search for a job, I changed my name legally in every single place (social security, DMV, banks, etc) so that I don't have to be running with that once I get a job.

So, getting a job is a pain in the ass. They didn't teach us this in college (thanks teachers!). I've kept busy by typing up my resume, writing separate cover letters for each of the job applications, who would've thought you needed to do that!!!???? And the fact that I have two, yes two, degrees, doesn't make it that much easier to find a job. So, anyone in the Miami area that reads this and knows of someone who is hiring in either Interior Design or Industrial/Product Design, please contact me!

On the brighter side, I renewed four items on my Etsy shop today. Oldies but goodies! Enjoy!

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