Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Easter!

In honor of the celebration of Easter, this weeks Thursday Treasures will feature a lot of easter and a lot of bunnies! Back in the day, when Easter Sunday came around, we would go to one of my mom's cousins house. They would have a LOT of chocolate eggs hidden anywhere, a kids delight! I really can't remember much after eating all the eggs that I'd found. Talk about all your eggs in one basket - err, belly.

Starting off with Mr. Easter Bunny himself! This cuddly plush toy ($15) can be made in many different colors, making it possible to have your favorite one! Sewn by BlissForest.

Invite your friends over to a very special Easter egg hunt with these pretty invitations ($4.50). They're blank on the inside, so you can write all you want! Sold by tracychong.

You don't need to hide eggs only. Hide some cookies! These tasty cookies, ($19.95 for a dozen) in colorful spring colors, are baked to order by CakeboxCookies.

Get into a spring mood by sporting bunnies in your ears! These earrings ($8) are the last pair available, so you better hop on to TinyStorm's Etsy shop.

Don't forget to feed the bunny! Carrot's in soap ($5.50), who would've known? This soap is inlayed, which means you'll have carrots til the last suds. Made and sold by sunbasilgarden.

My question has always been: why bunnies with eggs? Enjoy your Easter weekend!


  1. Hi, I hope you are having a great trip to see your family. Lent sounds amazing. Makes one really appreciate the SWEET in life!

    Enjoy and thanks for sharing your great easter collection here, with my bunny in it!

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