Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Treasures - The flu

Lately influenza and swine flu are the most common subjects in a conversation with anyone, from the drive thru lady at McDonalds to my mom. So, for this feature, the flu, a cold and anything that has to do with getting the sniffles is the subject of the day!

A nice, warm drink, like this Cold Relief tea blend ($5), is a great choice for those days you feel under the weather. This little tin has enough to make 25 cups of tea! Blended by Wildroot Botanicals.

Instead of sending a get well card, this little kit ($12) is great for making your sniffling friends feel better. Handcrafted and specially packaged by picnicbasketcrafts.

If the problem is congestion - like in my case! - a Gentle Chest Rub ($9) is your best pick. Aromatherapy in a tin by HeatherScent.

And when you start feeling a tad better and want to go out, sport your tissues in this fashion pouch ($5). Sewn by hand at BauerDesigns.

This gocco limited edition print ($14) describes the world right now! No, not everyone has the swine flu people. Colorful and fun, drawn by almapottery.

It's nice to find new and exciting shops every Thursday for my Thursday Treasures. I just wish I had picked this search term last week!!!! Come back next week for the next one!

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