Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Treasures - I'm late!

Between the trip, unpacking, getting stuff together back at home, etc, I can only say one thing: I'm late to post my Thursday Treasures of the week! So, the theme I picked was ::ta-da!:: being late! These were still picked with a lot of patience and love. Please enjoy!

I bet I'm not alone when I'm late to say Happy Birthday to a friend... This card ($4.50) by NeatThings will say what you feel, with a little spark added on to it!

For days like today, when I'm fashionably late, a steampunk pocket watch ($49.99) would have come handy. Sold by tempusfugit.

Talk about a belt ($25) to make a statement when you're late for work! Just don't wear it to the interview. Sold by vintageinretrospect.

Wear the time on your ears with these Alice in Wonderland inspired earrings ($14). I kind of need to wear it on my wrist to make sure I'm not late! These and more at busterandboo.

This wrap around wristlet ($44) describes exactly what I thought this morning: It's never too late to write what could have been written! Handstamped and sold by corinegrant.

Sorry for the late post, hope you enjoyed and discovered new and awesome Etsy artists!

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