Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Treasures - Earth

As a late honor to Earth day, which is celebrated on April 22nd, this Thursday Treasures post will be exactly about that subject - Earth! Mind you all that it is the place we all live and we should always take care of it.

To start it off, why not save the trees by purchasing one of these handy coffee sleeves ($5) and taking it with you wherever you go? These are made by savvystitcher and come in many different fabrics!

And with those extra sleeves, breedingfancy upcycles them and creates these cool little notepads ($4.50)!

To take along that snack of the day, forget the Ziplocs! Try out these fashionable - reusable! - SnackSleeves ($6). Handmade by agreensleeve.

And to make sure you remember just how pretty it is, why not put some artwork ($8) on the walls? This frameless print is by stubborndog.

Or if you want to hold the world in your hands, this felt miniature ($ 40) might be your best deal! Made to order by cozycottagecreations.

I also went last night to the premiere of DisneyNature Earth, and Disney planted a tree on my behalf! Totally recommend it to everyone, beautiful views, gorgeous animals!!!


  1. Score!Thanks for feauturing my upcycled coffee sleeve notebooks. You've done a great job finding earthy lovelies. LOL. I wanted to do an Earth Day post, too. But I missed the boat. I guess it's not too late to hop on the one that came back to pick you up.

  2. thanks for sharing all of these great items!

  3. Thanks for featuring me! Meka and I should start a business, lol!