Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu... ?

I have been away from everything the past week. First, because I had a wonderful weekend in Tampa and Clearwater - we went for my hubby's childhood friend's wedding (she was his "wife" when they were 4!). On Sunday, we went to the wonderful Florida Aquarium. I had been there before but in two years, I had forgotten about most of it. John really had a blast and jumped around like a kid (so did I), it was awesome! Here are some pics to prove it - check out the size of that grouper, 7 feet!

And after, somehow, I caught a flu - I'm still 100% sure it's not the swine flu - that has had me in bed and away from computers for the past 3 days. Continuous headaches, congestion, back aches; you name it, I have it. I'm getting better but I can't seem to be doing anything without losing my breath or sweating. Oh well. It was bound to happen, I haven't gotten sick since I moved to the US! I'm out for now, I'll be posting tomorrow's Thursday Treasures, don't miss it!